Welcome to thecityofz!! Hello everyone, in this video we talk about call of duty ghosts answer to call of duty world at war, black ops, and black ops 2 zombi…

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  • EquityRhyme 6 months ago

    They wouldn’t have aliens in the main campaign

  • Twipz41 6 months ago

    hopefully it feels more like a campaign than a survival mode

  • Jair Martinez 6 months ago

    theres gonna be aliens because one of the missions on campaign takes place on on the space

  • tion bethune 6 months ago

    it might not be aliens because think of how they would look like it is sort of a copy right so I don’t think it will be aliens but I could be wrong you never know let’s just wait and find out shall we :)

  • awit4 6 months ago

    I hope they just keep it unlimited waves like zombies cause that’s what i love about it :P