Call of Duty GHOSTS – Riot shield gameplay on the new map we got to play! What dya think? Mike ~ Second channel – ~ T…

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  • eric23443219091 6 months ago

    the riotshield should be bulletproof in bo 2 that riotshield was retarded and fake you could easily die which your not suppose to!

  • sman555555 6 months ago

    7 hits…. i dont like the way this looks right now

  • DerpInfinity 6 months ago

    That’s actually a glitch in the game, a shield is bullet proof, if you get a gun with a high enough fire rate, the FPS can’t keep up with it, and a bullet slips through and hits any way.

  • firedbullet79 6 months ago


  • xxxmrhankixxx 6 months ago

    goddamnit those dogs are tough as fuck